Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sleep and a little crazy

Reagan did sleep last night (thank you Lord) but she woke up this morning still a little on edge. I'm not sure what's going on with her. Normally she'd wake up from an entire day of sleeping and she would be all smiles and perfect. Today she's a little whiny and high maintenance. Of course we had another fill in nurse who showed up more than an hour late (she got here just in time to miss out on the major pee/poop explosion Reagan had all over me). It was a little more liquidy of a poop than usual, so I wonder if maybe she's fighting some little stomach virus or something (she had a similar diaper on Saturday). I don't know. We never really know with her. It just always puzzles us when she doesn't follow her normal schedule and this should clearly be a good day...and she's more or less happy but something is not quite right. I had made an appt to take her in to the pediatrician yesterday morning but since she slept all day, I decided to just cancel it. We'll play it by ear and see how she is tomorrow...she may just earn herself a trip to the doctor's office. This afternoon she's been a little better. Still on the verge of crazy at times but she's managed to not go over the edge. She's been very high energy and only dozed off for a few minutes this morning. She had two therapies today (both speech) and she actually did great for both! Then tonight our friend from Bible study came over and watched Reagan so Mike and I could go out for a post-valentine's day dinner. So sweet of her. We figured it's probably the last time the two of us will get out for a very, very long time! We had a nice dinner and Reagan was happy and well behaved the whole time we were gone. Then tonight she fell asleep snuggled up on her daddy...such a cutie pie. Hopefully she gets some more good sleep tonight. If not, we do have our night nurse working an extra night tonight (we're trying to get at least two nights a week covered for when the baby is born).

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