Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No sleep but feeling a little better

Reagan did not sleep last night...and neither did we. It was a looooong night. Reagan was extremely restless (having tons of chorea) and she would only sleep for short periods when Mike was holding her completely still. She ended up in our bed where she pretty much kept us up all night long. On a good note...she's been smiley today. Not overly happy, but I even got a few laughs out of her, you can certainly tell she's feeling better. She's still moving a lot and her hands/feet are still cold and clammy but I'm hoping she's headed for some good days ahead. We've got the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation walkathon this weekend, so I sure hope she'll be up for it. My only other concern is the weather. The forecast shows a cold-front moving in the day before and rain continuing into Saturday, the day of the walk. I hope maybe it will taper off and be OK by the afternoon! We've got family and friends coming in for it, so I hopefully it all works out. Reagan was awake all day today, so tonight she started getting sleepy right around 8:30pm. I'm praying for sleep tonight. We all really need it! Thank you for keeping our sweet girl in your prayers!

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