Thursday, February 16, 2012

New wheelchair and smiles

Reagan slept until 5am this morning when she woke up and began talking! The night nurse picked her up and took her into her therapy room where she stayed awake until 7am. She slept another hour or so and then woke just after 8am smiling. She's been a happy, smiley girl today. Still a little too easily over stimulated, but good. She had vision/OT this morning, school at noon, and then PT at 2pm and she was great for them all. She was very vocal again today, which was entertaining for all of her therapists. We also used her wheelchair for the first time during therapy today and it was great. It's so nice to have something that not only fits her correctly but is so much more comfortable for her to be in!

I have no idea why these pictures became blurry once I uploaded them to blogger...they are fine on my computer!


Jamie said...

that is quite the ride! Pictures look fine on my computer..not blurry :) she is such a big girl!

Clarissa said...

the wheelchair looks great, very supportive! Reagan is a doll! praying!

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

My pictures do the very same thing. Frustrating. But these actually don't look that blurry Tera.

she looks greta in the chair and she looks so flipping BIG in that chair. Dare I say, a nearly 5 year old!

Love to you all. Keeping you close in thought and prayer, waiting on baby Ryan.