Sunday, February 12, 2012


Last night Reagan was a handful. She was very fussy/moany and it seemed every time we got her to sleep, she would wake up 30min later fussing! She only made it about 30min in her own bed, so most of the night (and day today) was spent in her chair. She was also leaning completely out of her chair, so we had to push her up to the sofa to keep her from falling out, well then she started leaning the other way out of her chair and nearly fell out! Turkey! Needless to say, she didn't get much sleep last night (and neither did we). Today she's been less fussy, but still very much on edge and super nauseous. She had another really big throw up this morning and ever since she's been making nonstop gaggy faces (and sticking her tongue out constantly). I've drained a ton of fluid from her tummy, so this afternoon I decided to switch her from formula to pedialyte (its been a while since I had to do this). Hopefully she gets some relief from the nausea soon. She's very restless too. She's moving her legs nonstop and she just can't seem to get comfortable for any length of time. I'm hoping she'll wind down a little tonight, especially considering she hasn't taken a single nap all day, but who knows. Too bad we don't have a night nurse tonight! Please continue to keep our nauseous girl in your prayers!!


Jamie - AZ said...

Prayers for Reagan. Fell better sweetie! :) Hugs

Jamie said...

Oh sweet Girl! Ive been so behind on your blog...praying for better days and some giggles..and some sleep for mama. I cannot imagine your frustration...:(!