Monday, February 13, 2012

Nausea and chorea

Reagan had another awful night last night. She was SO nauseous and only fell asleep once at the beginning of the night and slept for maybe 30min or so. The rest of the night she was in her chair, kicking around nonstop and choking/gagging every 20min or so. I spent my night on the sofa beside her making sure she didn't choke. It was a long night and the day wasn't any better. The nausea continued all day. She's been getting pedialyte for over 24hrs now and she still doesn't seem to be feeling better. She's still got a lot of fluid, foam, & air coming out of her g-tube. I'm hoping we're almost done with this, because watching her retching nonstop really breaks my heart. Her hands and feet are still like icicles and the chorea has been out of control...she kicks and kicks and kicks nonstop all day long. The one positive thing, we did get a few smiles today...the first smiles we've seen since last week!! Hopefully that's a good sign. And hopefully she gets some sleep tonight...she must be completely and totally exhausted at this point. We do have a nurse tonight so I know she'll be in good hands and we'll finally be able to get some rest. Please keep her in your prayers!!!

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