Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet but sensitive

It's been a bit of a weird day for Miss Reagan. She slept last night but was a little restless. She woke up this morning around 6am and laid in her bed til Daddy picked her up at 7am. She been good today (happy to just roll around on the floor and chew on her fingers) but sensitive. There were multiple instances when she got red/teary eyes when someone was talking in front of her (like me and the nurse). The thing is, she doesn't mind talking as long as you're talking directly to her, but the second anyone tries to have a conversation around her, that's it! She took a little nap this morning and was making a funny sound while sleeping. I moved her from her side onto her back and then she started crying in her sleep! I don't know if maybe she's having tummy pains or has been a while since her last dirty diaper. This afternoon we took her into the pediatrician's office just to get her checked out and everything looks fine. Ears look good, throat looks good...her doctor thinks she's just picking up on the fact that something big is about to happen. I'm skeptical about that...I think it's more like we're in for another really short good cycle. But I don't know why. What is going on that is causing this shift?? And how long can her little body take this much back to back to back assault from these bad days?? I don't like it. I don't like it at all. And talk about bad timing...right as we're about to bring another baby into the house!?!? Ugh. I'm a little stressed to say the least. Hopefully she holds on and has at least a few more good days for her nurse and grandma's sake!!! Please keep all of this in your prayers...we really need more good days for our sweet girl!


Jamie - AZ said...

Praying for sure! I cannot wait to see new baby pictures. It is so hard to believe it's only a few days until you are holding your baby boy! Reagan will be a big sister! :) So happy for you guys and wishing you peace and not stress as you prepare. Give Reagan a hug and tell her to get used to noise. Baby brothers are never quiet. :) Hugs

jocalyn said...

OK...praying for better days for Reagan...and a smooth labor and delivery for you! We're going on vacation today, but I will be finding service to check on you! Please know you'll be in my thoughts!
Home stretch!