Friday, February 17, 2012

Haircut and pregnancy update

Reagan slept last night...I'm just not sure how much. I heard her talking in her bed sometime around 1am. After that I kept waking up looking at the monitor and seeing her move an arm or a leg but she was quiet. She woke me again at 6am with a noise, so I decided to just get up with her. But when I went in her room, I found her completely still and apparently asleep. So I really have no clue how much she slept last night. Maybe she slept but was just restless. I do know that this morning she had very sleepy eyes and kept looking like she was going to doze off. She has been a happy girl today...smiling and chewing on her thumb nonstop. We took her this afternoon for a haircut. I'm trying to get everything squared away before the baby comes, so I've ordered her birthday outfit, her birthday cake, and we got her hair cut today since it's been a little unruly (her birthday isn't until March 21st and we're planning a party for the 25th, but I figured I'd get a head start on things). She was great for the hair cut and I think it looks pretty cute. We tried to keep most of the length in the front (so we can easily pull it back) but got a little more off the back so it will curl under. She did start fussing (or grunting) a little on our ride home. We checked her diaper but there was nothing there...poor thing was struggling but nothing was happening. With a little help, she took care of business and felt much better afterward. She's been super sweet all night...I just hope she's able to get some sleep tonight! In other news, I'm 37 weeks pregnant today. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and she's estimating the baby is already over 8.5lbs! So she scheduled a c-section for March 2nd (a week before my due date) and if he comes any time before then, great. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Friday (assuming I make it that long), so that will probably give them a more accurate idea of his size (but it seems he's going to be a HUGE one). I'm feeling fine, although my feet are killing me and really beginning to swell. Everywhere I go people have to comment and either ask me when I'm due (they think any minute) or they seem surprised that I'm not having twins!!! Yes, I know I have a huge belly (more like a beach ball instead of a basketball). It was not at all this way with Reagan...but this is a boy and a very large one at that! So prayers are definitely appreciated in this area. I know a c-section would not be as easy to recover from, but I'm just going to trust in God that whatever happens will be what is best for me and the baby.


Jamie - AZ said...

Prayers for all of you! I so wish I lived closer to come help and also cook for you! :) Thanks for the baby update. Sounds like baby Ryan wont be in 0-3 months for long. :) Hugs and always prayers.

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

The hair, darling and the baby,wholly cow... I know you would like to avoid a c-section and I know it would be best all around not to have one, but I kinda like that Ryan and Zoey will share the same day.

Keeping you close in thought and prayer and I best be one of the first to get a call if Ryan decides to come early ... well of course after Grandma!