Friday, February 10, 2012

About the same

Reagan slept from 8pm-3:45am last night in her own bed!! When she woke up, I thought she might be up for the night since she had already had almost 8hrs of sleep (too bad I can't go to bed that early). I got up with her and she wasn't awake for long before she fell back to sleep in her chair. That didn't last but maybe 30min and then I had to get back up. This time she was NOT happy. Very moany/fussy. She cried and I tried her in multiple positions until I finally got her legs spread and head on my shoulder (also known as the poo poo position), where she finally calmed down and fell asleep. I was afraid to move so I just held her like that for a while. Eventually I was able to transfer her back to her chair and where she still woke up and moved another time or two but stayed calm and fell back to sleep on her own. She woke up for good at exactly 8am as her nurse walked in the door. She's been about the same today as yesterday. A little moany/whiny at times, still a little groggy, but she did have a good OT session this afternoon and even gave us a few laughs, so maybe she's starting to feel slightly better. Today I had to go to an ARD at her school (which she's never attended). Such a waste of time...but at least it's done with. They scheduled it a little early since they figured I'd be busy with a new baby in March. Good news on the insurance front...our insurance did reapprove the wheelchair this morning, so the seating rep came over to our house to get me to sign the papers. Now it's technically ours and not a "loaner" (and now it will finally go toward our deductible). I also mentioned to her that I wasn't happy with how the frame turned out and she said no problem...they'll order it in Cosmic Purple and switch it out! So at least the frame and the sides of the cushion will both be in the purple family (not exact matches, but certainly better than purple and blue)! I know, I need to take a picture of her in it. It's just been hard with her feeling so "off". I'm hoping my girl will start feeling better this weekend!!!

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