Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Up all night

Reagan slept about two hours last night...and then she was up the rest of the night! Wide awake. I got up with her and we hung out all night. She was never even close to dozing off again (but at least she wasn't fussy, she was actually quite good)...I guess that 2hr power nap was just what she needed. I, on the other hand, was exhausted! Of course she would choose to do this on a day when I have to get up early anyway. Last week my doctor told me that I failed my 3hr glucose test (my 1hr was off by a couple and my 2hr was off by about 20). So now I'm considered to have gestational diabetes. Lovely. Especially considering I ate nothing but carbs/sugar all through the holidays!! So now I'm paying for it. I have to adjust my diet and check my blood sugars 4x a day...should be fun. This morning I had a diabetes education class from 8am-noon (and I had to leave my house by 7am), not so great timing on Reagan's part!! She's been good today though. Still moving, moving, moving, with the occasional vocalization but a little less on edge. She was also a good girl when we took her to the doctors office for one last blood draw for the EPI-743 study. Of course, she did give her Daddy a hard time today. This morning and tonight when he got home from work, he came in and started talking to her and immediately she started up with the pouty lip and tears!! She got over it though and tonight she fell asleep in his arms (but not before putting up a good fight). Speaking of...I better get to bed ASAP in case she decides to pull another all nighter! Please continue to keep her in your prayers!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

And the results are in,finally. And I thought no news was good news and you, you knew differently. Just another bump on the road. Can't something be easy? Geesh. Praying for you and that sweet little man. I know he is sweet. He just has to be ... with all that extra sugar and the fact that you deserve easy, laid back and sweet. All of the above. Not that the princess isn't sweet, cuz we know she is but ..

Hoping for sleep for you all and sorry I didn't call. Got late and crazy here. Zoey has OT and PT in the morning. I will call after. Love to you all.