Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still stressed

Reagan got a good 8hrs of sleep last night. She fell asleep early around 9:30pm and then slept through til 5:30am! I, on the other hand, didn't get to bed til right around midnight and then I woke every two hours because I'm so uncomfortable! At least one of us got some sleep! I got up with her at 5:30am and she was wide awake. She hasn't been fussy at all but she's still having a lot of dysautonomic symptoms. Her hands and feet are ice cold (but her body gets hot & sweaty), she's having crazy amounts of chorea (including the bursts of chorea where she runs in place and can't hold still), I haven't checked her heart rate but it's obvious it's elevated, and she's still very zoned out, tense, and stressed. When you hold her, it's hard to get her to relax. She's usually too tense to hold. Even tonight, she's tired and will eventually fall asleep in your arms, but when you try to move her she wakes up and is wide eyed and stressed again! Hopefully she's able to get some sleep. Hopefully we all get some sleep tonight. I'm praying for a good week for my sweet girl. She deserves it!

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