Sunday, January 1, 2012


Reagan slept the whole night through again and woke up this morning feeling spunky! She's been full of energy all day today. On the floor, she kicks and squirms right off of her mat in no time. She actually does the same in your lap...she's hard to hold onto! Of course her hand has been in her mouth or she's pulling her shirt into her mouth at all times. When I put her on my shoulder, she gets really feisty and starts up with the squealing/babbling and putting her teeth on my arm and my shoulder (which was cute, that is, until she bit me little vampire)! This morning we thought she might sleep all day again. She fell asleep while laying on the floor watching a movie and slept for at least an hour or two...but she's been a ball of energy ever since she woke up! Then tonight she fell asleep around 8:30pm and Mike even laid her in bed, but she was back awake and kicking less than 10min later! It's 11pm now and she's dozing off again, so we'll see if she's able to stay asleep and get some rest tonight. Maybe clonidine will the do the trick?

Sleeping beauty this morning...

Who needs tattoos, when you can have bite scars!!

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