Sunday, January 8, 2012

Out of control laughing

Reagan was up a lot last night. She only slept maybe an hour and a half or so after being put into bed and then she was awake making fussing/grunting noises. Mike went and laid down with her, but she was NOT going back to sleep. The chorea was out of control and she couldn't stay still for one second. Mike put her arm restraint on her to keep her from biting herself and then he laid back down in bed. I don't think Reagan ever went back to sleep. Finally around 6am she started making noises again so I decided to just get up with her. I found her in bed with most of her covers kicked off and the arm restraint completely pulled off! I picked her up and brought her into the living room and that's when I noticed a nasty little bite mark on her wrist! I'm not sure if she bit herself before or after the arm restraint was put on, but it was definitely a bite (you could see the curve where her top teeth cut into her). What's funny is that as soon as I got up with her she started laughing and she's been laughing all day long! Almost nonstop. She'll laugh appropriately (at things that we do) but then she'll just laugh for no reason at all. Lots and lots of laughing. This afternoon she had a throw up that seemed to come out of no where but ever since she's been very spitty and a little gaggy. Tonight she had another throw up but I think the laughing and the excess spit is what caused that one. She's definitely still off. The crazy laughing, not sleeping, the chorea, the nausea, and her hands are still clammy. I'm hoping she's headed for a nice long streak of good days. Our trip to Stanford is on Wednesday and I've got my work cut out for me considering I haven't even thought about packing yet! Please keep our girl in your prayers...that she can get some sleep and that she can get over these bad/off days once and for all!!!


Laurie said...

Praying for a very long streak of good days for Reagan and good results at Stanford. Safe travels!

Clarissa said...