Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nurseless & Toothless

Reagan did not sleep well last night! We woke up around 3am to find her wide awake and kicking around in her bed. I tried covering her up and shushing her back to sleep but that didn't work. She was quiet though, so I just let her be and I tried to get a couple more hours of sleep. Of course, I kept waking up and staring at the monitor, but each time she was still awake, still moving around. Mike even tried laying with her but she was not going back to sleep. I finally got up with her around 7:45am. She's been good today. She only took one small nap this morning and she's been awake the rest of the day. Still tense, still clammy, but she's been quiet and content to just sit in her chair and hang out with me as I attempt to get some housework done. As of now, we are without a Wednesday nurse again. I'm sure that it had something to do with me finally calling her out on being late to work every single day, but whatever. Hopefully we can get someone good to fill it ASAP, so I can train them and not be freaking out about what I'm going to do when I go into labor! Thankfully we do have one nurse who has been with us for almost two years now, who I trust completely and can count on during that time. Despite still feeling off, Reagan was pretty good today. She had speech this afternoon and seemed to enjoy licking on a cotton candy flavored dum dum. Her lips and tongue were all blue afterward. Then tonight, totally out of no where, she started throwing up. Quite a bit of foamy throw up came out and it lasted for a couple minutes (and I drained some yellowish bile from her g-tube). It really wore her out. Afterward I was wiping her mouth off (because she was still very spitty) and I noticed...she was missing a tooth!!! Her bottom middle left tooth is gone!! I have no clue when it happened and at first we figured she had probably swallowed it (Mike later found it on her brown chair). What's strange is that she's still 4 (she'll be 5 in March)...but it's a little early for her to be losing her first tooth! What's even weirder is that she was very delayed in getting her teeth. She didn't get her first tooth til she was over a year old but by the time she was two, she had them all. I don't know what to think about it. I guess I'll call her dentist tomorrow to get his opinion on it. I guess some tylenol might be in order. I sure hope she can get some sleep tonight...she must be exhausted!! Please keep her in your prayers!


Clarissa said...

Abigail was the same when it came to teeth. Didn't get her first coming through til she was 1 year old. She has lost two teeth, both when she was still 4 years last year. She just turned 5 last month. Two middle bottom teeth. Dentist said it was probably from her always biting (either her hands/fingers, or just grinding them together) and it weakened them. Both of her big teeth have come through now. Praying for you all!

Jamie - AZ said...

Tatum lost her first tooth 1 week after she turned four. Her first tooth popped through when she was 4 months old. It seems to be pretty common to loose teeth early these days according to our dentist. I wouldn't worry. Sorry to hear about your nursing situation. It is always stressful when you don't have extra help. Praying for your princess always!! :) Hope she has a good night. Hugs! :)