Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not feeling well

Reagan slept last night and woke sometime around 6am fussing. Mike got up and laid in bed with her, but she just kept grunting and making noises...she was not going back to sleep! So I got up with her around 6:30am and we've been up ever since! She's been in an OK mood today, not fussy but not at all happy either. Maybe it has something to do with the 3 dirty diapers she had before noon!?!? Three dirty diapers yesterday and three today...that is VERY unlike her! I'm beginning to wonder if maybe she has some sort of stomach virus or something...because she just doesn't seem to be feeling well. She's also still having a lot of signs of bad days. Super cold/clammy hands, very tense, a little more aggressive with her biting, and tonight especially lots of bursts of chorea (she'd doze off and then pop up wide awake and stressed with her adrenaline going). Hopefully she's able to get some sleep tonight! My baby shower was this afternoon and even though she wasn't feeling her best, we did take Reagan over for a bit just so everyone could see how big she's gotten (and to show off how cute she looked in her Big Sister shirt). No smiles though. Not one. Not all day. Oh well. Maybe she's saving it all up for our trip to California?!?! That would be nice of her. The shower was great. Lots of people came (some that I haven't seen in ages) and we got all kinds of neat gifts (which is great because we had literally not bought a thing yet for poor Ryan). It's funny, I remember when we had Reagan's baby shower, her room was completely done. Painted, furnished with brand new beautiful furniture, custom made bedding, decorated to the tee! Ryan's room is still filled with boxes, misc office furniture/supplies, and everything else that doesn't have a home! Hopefully we'll be able to get organized in the next couple weeks so I can have some piece of mind. In the meantime, he better stay put!! I've got an appt next Tues and my doctor said if I'm still measuring big then she'll schedule another ultrasound. So we'll see...

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