Monday, January 9, 2012

Laughing instead of sleeping

Reagan was up all night last night...laughing. Even when she appeared to be asleep (still & eyes closed) she would giggle here and there. When she was awake, she'd really go to town. We just left her in her bed and tried to get some sleep, but we were listening to her the whole time. Finally at 6am, I decided to just get up with her (three days in a row I've gotten up at 6am...not good when we don't go to bed every night til after midnight)! The laughing continued and she eventually woke up Grandma. We were not encouraging it, but when she gets like this, she just laughs at everything (it's definitely something neurological). She did eventually calm down a little and stopped laughing nonstop and was laughing a little more appropriately. This morning her feet and hands were still very cold and clammy but tonight they've warmed up and dried out. Maybe this means we're officially done with bad days for a while. I hope so. We leave for Stanford early Wed morning and we need a good girl for traveling. She was wide awake all day today, but she started dozing off tonight around 10:30pm so I'm hoping she's out for the night. We all could certainly use a good night's sleep! Thank you for keeping our girl in your prayers!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Okay, I am officially out of the loop ... way, way out. Through no fault of my own.

First things first...Ryan??? I had no idea you had decided on a name. I nearly cried seeing his name in print. Ryan. I really think it is a perfect name.

And, California, again? Wish I had asked or paid better attention, been a better friend, then I would have known and maybe I could have come this time.

Well, I will say prayers for you all and your sweet girl. Praying the bad days away and a string of beautiful, happy days.