Friday, January 27, 2012

Definitely a bad day

Sleep last night was better...the day, however, was not. Reagan fell asleep sometime around midnight and then slept til 5:45am. I got up with her and she was NOT happy. She cried pretty much nonstop til 7:30am. That's when Mike was about to leave for work and he picked her up. Immediately she was quiet. I took her back and she started crying again. Mike walked back in the room and just started talking to her and she was quiet!! I told him maybe he should stay home from work, but that didn't happen. Reagan was actually pretty good (considering) this morning for her nurse. She was still fussy/whiny but she wasn't crying. She dozed off right around 11am and then took a little nap. She didn't wake happy though and the crying started up again. Her OT came and managed to swaddle her up and get her to doze back off. When she woke up again, not only was she cranky but she was very sweaty!!! Her hands and feet have been cold and clammy all day today. She's trying to bite so we've had to keep her arm restrained all day. Her heartrate is up and the chorea is out of control. She kicks so much with her legs, she looks like she's going to jump out of her chair. She's also made a few gaggy faces, but when I drain her tummy nothing much comes out. We gave her a bath around 5:15pm and she dozed back off as we were getting her dressed. Today was definitely a full blown bad day...but I'm glad to see her finally getting some sleep. Hopefully she gets some decent sleep tonight and she wakes up feeling a little better tomorrow!

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