Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brain spect done

Reagan slept OK last night but then around 4:30am she decided it was time to wake up. She was very talkative and there was no getting her back to sleep. Finally around 6:30am I gave up on sleep and got up with her. She's been full of energy all day. Lots of squealing, crunching, kicking, and biting at her wrist. We had to put her arm restraint on to keep her from doing any more damage. Everything went surprisingly well with the procedure today. Reagan was great....but very active. They tried giving her Versed to calm her down a little so they could place the iv, but it didn't seem to do anything for a while, then for about 10min or so she seemed a little calmer, and then it was gone. The nurse that placed the iv, got it right away but then didn't have everything ready and blood was going everywhere. She eventually got it taped down but I think it might have been too late because Reagan had an iv in the other foot when we saw her in recovery. We had a different anesthesiologist today (who had a fellow working with him). Reagan was kicking around so much, they let us go with them down to the room where the scan was going to be done, and Mike carried her the whole way there. They had Mike hold her as they were starting the anesthesia. She was taking a while to get tired, so eventually he put her down and they realized there was a kink in the tubing. Within seconds of fixing that kink, she was out! We left and met up with the study coordinator so they could draw our blood for a different mito genome study they are doing. Then we waited. It was about an hour and 45min later when they called us back to recovery. She was OUT. It took a while for us to even get her to move (she didn't like the sound the curtain made when it was pulled, so Mike kept moving it around trying to wake her up). A couple of times she opened her eyes up and looked around, even crunching forward, but then she'd lay down and be back out again. We never saw the anesthesiologist or the anesthesia nurse again. We assume everything went smoothly...the recovery nurse didn't seem to have much information on how the procedure went. Reagan was still groggy when we put her into her stroller to leave, but at least she was cracking her eyes open. When we put her into her carseat, those eyes popped open and she's been a ball of energy ever since!!! Back to squealing and finger chewing...she's a handful. Tomorrow's agenda is an early 8:30am echo/EKG and then a clinic appt at 10:30am with Dr. Enns and the study coordinator. Hopefully Reagan lets us all get some sleep tonight because it's going to be another early one tomorrow! Thank you all for your prayers for our girl. Hopefully we get some good news about the results of the scan tomorrow!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Sweet love.

Hope you all sleep well and prayers continue for tomorrow.

I hate that you are in California and I am not seeing you.Couldn't you take a short plan ride this way? Kidding of course but it sure would be nice. One day my friend. One day.

Laurie said...

Praying you receive good news!!

The Martin Family said...

I hope that the rest of the trip goes well. Unsolicited advice, prepare yourself if there is no change in the brain scan. I was eagerly looking forward to Will's results and apparently the anesthesia decreases the brain activity (duh!) and so there isn't as much to show on the scan as we had hoped. While we can see the change - more verbal, better phyiscal movement etc. - the brain scan was kind of a downer for me.

Sorry for the unrequested info :-) Please know I'm sending it with good vibes, and positive thoughts for sweet Ms. Reagan!