Monday, January 16, 2012

Bad day

Reagan has had a miserable day today. She slept well last night (thank God), but it was apparent when she woke up this morning that this was NOT going to be a good day! She had a frown on her face, clammy hands, and a sweaty back. She was fussing from the get go and it's continued pretty much the entire day. She's been sleepy though, so we have gotten some breaks from the moaning and crying. It's a mad sort of cry too...eyebrows knitted at all times. You can just tell she doesn't feel well and she's certainly letting us know. We've kept the arm restraint on her all day because when she woke this morning she was already going for that hand. I'm hoping she'll sleep tonight and wake up feeling a little better tomorrow but I know how this goes and I'm not counting on an overnight recovery (although it would be nice)! This dysautonomia really wreaks havoc on my girl. Please keep her in your prayers!!

And while you're at it...go on to our site for the Energy for Life Walkathon and sign up to walk and/or make a contribution to our team Rallying for Reagan! Fundraisers like this help to not only raise awareness but much needed funds for research that may one day result in a cure for this devastating disease!!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

I am thinking you haven't gotten any of my texts ... you and everyone else it must be. Something is screwy with my phone and they have tried to reboot, but anyway. I have been texting and checking in. Probably should have just called the old fashion way.

Okay, great news on the scans. Really great news.

The plane thing, scares the crap out of me ... see that is why I HATE flying.

And Reagan being off and not happy, I just hate that. For her and you because you need your rest.

I will call tomorrow. Praying for sleep for you all.