Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back in Houston

We're finally home! It's been another long one...we didn't get home til after 8pm tonight. Reagan has been such a good girl today. We did have one little incident this morning before we left the hotel where I thought we might be in trouble, but it was obviously just tummy pains because she was fine after she had a dirty diaper only a few minutes later. She's been very smiley and sweet today. She's still crunching forward a lot, which has been driving me crazy in the car with her leaning out of her seat the whole time! She did well on the flight...she actually looked like she might fall asleep for a while, but that didn't last. Things got a little scary toward the end of our flight. About 45min til we were supposed to land we smelled some sort of burning smell...even the flight attendants came over and were smelling it. Then we started our decent and a flight attendant came over the speaker and reminded us that we should leave all carry on baggage if we should have to evacuate the plane. That's when I started getting scared (and I said lots of prayers). Even after we landed (30min early) it still seemed something fishy was going on. We sat for a while on the runway before we finally were able to get to a gate. I still have no clue what that was about. Mike saw the captain as we were getting off and he mentioned the burning smell and he said something about it just being the heater on the plane, but who knows. So I'm certainly glad to be home and on solid ground now. It's 1am our time and we just put Reagan to bed...time to join her!

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