Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And back to cute

So today wasn't quite the day I was expecting out of my girl. She was a little fussy and on edge last night so I was anticipating the worst today. I'm glad I was wrong. She fell asleep for Mike but was very restless. He came to bed and I got up and made her formula and all the while she stayed asleep. Then not long after I laid back down, she was awake again. I got up with her and was surprised to find her very sweet and smiley. We sat up for a while til she finally drifted back off. I put her back in her chair and she slept there til about 6am...and she's been up ever since. No naps at all today. A few times she started looking tired and even got a little whiny, but she never dozed back off. She's actually been a good girl all day. Very active, very smiley. Tonight she fell asleep on Daddy around 11pm. She was out. He got up to lay her down and she was wide awake again. Now she seems a little on edge (for the first time today) and more wired/whiny than sleepy. Ugh. This mommy needs some sleep! I have no clue what tonight holds (or tomorrow for that matter), so please continue to keep her in your prayers!!!

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Clarissa said...

praying as always! God bless!