Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Still smiling

Reagan slept well last night. This morning around 7:15am I looked at the monitor and saw her moving her legs around. I walked in and saw her stretching (turned sideways in her bed with her head up against the wood) but her eyes were still closed. Then Mike walked in and started talking to her and those eyes popped open and she was all smiles! She's been a good girl again today. Still moving a lot, but most importantly still smiling! She's also been pretty vocal today. She even performed for her speech therapist and was vocalizing as she sang to her! Very cute. This afternoon she got a little sleepy and took a little 30min nap...but that's it. Otherwise she's been awake and spunky! Her hands (specifically her left hand) has been in her mouth a lot today. Tonight I looked at it and she had little red tooth marks all over it! I had to put her arm restraint on for a little while just to give her poor fingers a rest. She's not trying to bite them, but she is overdoing with the chewing a little! Please keep it in your prayers that she can hang on and continue having good least for a few more days!

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Clarissa said...

love the smiles and talking!! praying!