Sunday, December 4, 2011

Smiley and sweet

Reagan slept well again last night and woke smiling again this morning! She's been super sweet all day today. Very smiley, very vocal. There were a few times we heard something that sounded borderline whiny, but overall she was a very happy girl today. I did notice tonight that she has a big bruise on her it's possible she bit down too hard on it at some point. Her hands have been in her mouth all day. Usually it was both her thumb and her pointer finger. She did get a little chokey at times, but it was usually related to either fingers in her mouth or laying down and not handling her spit well. Not a lot of excitement today. Grandma had to leave this morning because her dog got sick all over my sisters apartment! A cool front came through so the weather was pretty yucky this afternoon. Reagan watched as I finished decorating the Christmas tree. We finally have decorations inside and all I have to do is find something to do with these boxes that housed all of the decorations! Right now our house is still a mess! Thankfully we've gotten two good night's of sleep and hopefully we'll get another tonight. We're still a little worn out after last week. Thanks again for all of the prayers for our girl! Please keep them coming...we need a long good streak this time around!!

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Anonymous said...

have you tried to put some ginger in her formula? ginger is well k nown for nausea