Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Off days

Reagan slept surprisingly well last night. Mike put her on a pillow just to elevate her head a little because she was acting gaggy right before we laid her down. I turned on her humidifier to try to keep her from drying out from the heat. She slept like a rock. She didn't wake up until right around 8:15am. She wasn't happy but she wasn't fussing either. She's been a very serious girl today. No smiles whatsoever. We have gotten some laughs but they were a little crazy and we were afraid to encourage her and have them develop into tears! She slept through OT and was quite fussy for her speech therapist. Maybe she was just tired. She's been a little groggy all day today. Her hands have been cold & clammy off and on and tonight she was acting gaggy again (I drained some fluid from her g-tube)...she's definitely feeling "off" but she's trying to be a good girl. Grandma left this morning...so I'm sure she wasn't happy about that. My Dad and Stepmother came to stay the night with us this afternoon. Too bad they missed all of the good days Reagan's been having. Hopefully these off/bad days won't last too long. No nurse tomorrow...so hopefully we get some sleep tonight!!! Please keep our girl in your prayers!!!

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