Sunday, December 18, 2011

Off but home

Reagan slept fairly well last night. She was a little restless and I had to keep getting up to put her weighted blanket back over her arm to keep her still (and keep her from whacking herself in the head)...but she pretty much slept through til 8:30am. She woke up this morning still feeling off. No smiles whatsoever...she's been very serious all day. She also was a little fussy this morning. It seemed like it was me...every time I'd pick her up, she'd start crying! I don't know. Maybe she was just having some tummy pains or something, but it still hurt my feelings a little. It also worried me about how she was going to be on our long drive back (with no one but me sitting beside her to keep her calm). She did well though. We left Denton around 1:30pm and got home around 5:45pm...Reagan was good the entire time. I had to hold her arm down to keep it out of her hair and out of her mouth (and she kept arching and stiffening up here and there), but otherwise she was perfect. She's been off like this for a while now but we've been very lucky that she's kept the crying to a minimum, she's actually slept really well, & she hasn't been nauseous knock on wood (all answers to prayers)!!! I hate that she's still off and not smiling, but the longer this lasts, the more likely she is to have a good Christmas! Sad but true. Please keep our sweet girl in your prayers!!!

Here's the pic of her asleep at the hotel Friday night. She was all wrapped up in that blanket and slept pretty well...

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