Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! We all went to bed very late last night and then Reagan woke up around 3am and was talking to herself. She wasn't falling back asleep so Mike went and laid down with her. She fought hard, but finally she fell asleep laying beside her Daddy. We slept in til around 8:15am when Reagan woke up. She woke happy and has been a good girl all day today. She quietly sat in her chair for 3 hrs while we sorted through all of the presents (Grandma tends to go a little overboard). Reagan got all kinds of great gifts. Lots of clothes, several switch activated toys, a fijit, and loads of other stuff! Even Ryan, who is not even born yet, got lots of gifts!!! The best gift of all is that our girl had a good day. I wouldn't say she was overly smiley or happy, but she was content and gave us some sweet laughs here and there. Her hands have been a little clammy today and Mike swears he can smell the "bad smell" on her today, but hopefully she'll skim over the bad days again and only have some mildly off days this time around. Thank you for your continued prayers for our girl and we wish you all very merry Christmas!!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Merry Christmas my beautiful family!

Praying for good days for the sweet girl.