Monday, December 26, 2011

A little fussy

Reagan was a bit of a turkey last night. She woke up around 2:45am fussing (which is never a good sign). Mike tried laying down with her but she wasn't getting any better, so I just got up with her. I held her for a while and she continued to fuss, but she was working on a dirty diaper, so maybe it was just tummy troubles (it has been days since she had a bowel movement) . After changing her diaper, she fell back to sleep about 15min later. Every now and then I would hear a random fuss, but when I would look at the monitor, she was already back to sleep. She actually slept through til 9am. She did not wake happy though. She was on edge and very fussy this morning...especially for me! I don't know if her tummy was still hurting her or what, but she was NOT happy for her mommy, that's for sure. Thankfully she was better for Daddy and Grandma. It wasn't until this afternoon that she finally warmed up to me again. Her mood was much improved this afternoon. We got some giggles out of her and she even played with some of her new toys. Now that we're nearing bedtime, she seems to be getting a little agitated/crazy again. Maybe she's just tired...she keeps dozing off and then jolting back awake again. Hopefully she sleeps tonight. Last night was a little grueling considering I didn't even get to bed til 1pm.


Jamie - AZ said...

Praying for a good night! I love the name Ryan! :)

Anonymous said...

your duaghter is absolutely beautiful! her smile says it all!