Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feeling better?

Reagan slept much more soundly last night. As far as I know, she never woke up. I had to be at the doctors office early this morning for a 3hr glucose test (I was 2 above normal in my 1hr test)...so I had to leave before my princess woke up. From what I'm told, she woke up around 7:45am and seemed to be much improved. She was smiley and laughing all morning. She had back to back to back therapies...OT then speech then PT, and did well for all of them. Her PT put her in her stander before she left and about 20min into it we heard a little something in her voice. She was starting to get a little whiny. A few times she was laughing and sounded like she might start crying...but we managed to snap her out of it. She may have just been a little tired from all of the activity. Who knows. I know I'm exhausted. I think I'm crashing after all of that sugar this morning. I've got a killer headache...so hopefully Reagan behaves herself and sleeps tonight. She actually seems to be feeling better. She had a big dirty diaper tonight (she had three yesterday) and she's been all smiles ever since (so maybe it was just tummy problems). Even though she was smiley throughout the day, she was always a little on edge. Tonight that's completely gone and she's been totally at ease and just all around sweet and precious. Hopefully that's here to stay.

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