Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Reagan has been a sweet girl again today. Not super smiley like yesterday, but still very sweet. And a little sleepy. She actually slept all night last night and then didn't wake up til 11:40am today! I'm just glad that her little body is finally catching up on sleep! Lord knows she needs it. I'm still hoping for an extra long stretch of good days this time around. She needs that...we need that! Today she had OT, "school", and PT (and ended with an hour in the stander). That's a lot of therapy but she needed it because she missed most of her therapy last week because of the bad streak. This afternoon we gave her a bath and put her in her new elf pjs and tried to get a picture of her in front of the Christmas tree. Not a lot of luck. She's a mover. Legs kicking around, hands in her mouth, hands in her hair. Not many smiles either. Oh well. She's still a cutie!!


The Martin Family said...

LOVE the PJs! Very cute. So is the little sweetie who is wearing them. Merry almost Christmas!

Clarissa said...

loving these good days for you guys! Reagan is beautiful! such a sweetie! praying!

Nikki said...

Her outfit is so cute!! Adorable photos.

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