Friday, December 30, 2011

Beyond darling

Reagan has been an absolute doll all day today. She slept well last night and then woke up this morning smiling and giving us darling little laughs all day long! To say she's been precious would be an understatement. Oh...if we could have this girl everyday...we would be living the good life! I am SO thankful that we have had a really good month with her this month. Other than the super bad streak of nausea she had the first few days for the month, December has been a really great month for her. Let's pray that it continues!! She had OT and speech today, it's always nice when they get to work with her on her good days. Head control was lacking...but it was less of a strength issue and more because she wanted to be in the crunch and roll position. She was not at all groggy today like she was yesterday. She was very bright-eyed and energetic today. Super darling. We had dinner plans tonight at the home of a guy Mike works with (who is leaving to go to work in Singapore). Since we didn't have anyone to watch Reagan, we took her with us, and she couldn't possibly have been any better than she was. She was happy to just sit on our laps or in her stroller where she smiled and giggled the whole time. Of course now it's 11pm and I'm way behind on her meds and she's not looking even the slightest bit tired! Oh well...I'm just happy that she's happy!!! Thank you all for your prayers!!!

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Clarissa said...

love hearing about the good days! continue to pray the bad days away!
Abigail is suppose to start the epi-743 next week. what have your thoughts been about it? has Reagan improved, do you think?
always praying...