Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All smiles

Reagan has been a great girl today. She slept all night last night and then woke this morning smiling from ear to ear. She's been all smiles, all day. She had speech at noon today and although she wasn't vocal, she was definitely interacting with her therapist. She actually didn't get vocal til tonight. For some reason, she always seems to do it when I pick her up. She likes talking to her mommy, I guess. It was so good to see her completely and totally happy. I feel like it's been a while since we've seen her that way. I baked cookies today and this afternoon we went to our neighbors houses and delivered them. Reagan came along and we talked to each of the neighbors for a bit. Everyone was very encouraged to see her smiling so much. We are encouraged to see her smiling so much!! Tomorrow Grandma is driving in and she'll be her til the day after Christmas! I know someone who is going to be super excited to see her! We just saw her this weekend, but Reagan wasn't feeling quite herself. Hopefully these smiles stay with us through Christmas...and through the new year!!

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