Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Still a little off

Reagan finally slept well last night!! I don't remember hearing her at all during the night (of course none of us got to bed til well after midnight). Reagan slept in again this morning...that seems to be the trend of late. The last 30min or so before she woke up, she was very restless. She kept crying out like she was having a bad dream, we'd run in to console her, and then she'd settle down and continue sleeping. Poor thing. We were quite concerned that she was going to wake in a foul mood, but after the initial shock of waking up, she did give us a few smiles and seemed to cheer up. She wasn't in a great mood today, a little serious at times, but overall she was content. We even got the occasional laugh. She had lots of therapy though (OT, "school", and then PT) and she tolerated it well. She was looking a little tired tonight when Mike got home and she had a little meltdown. Grandma cheered her back up and she was fine. Speaking of Grandma, she had to head back home tonight. We'll definitely miss her. Today was actually Mike's birthday...so a friend of ours from Bible study offered to come over and watch Reagan so we could go out to dinner. We were a little nervous because we didn't know how Reagan was going to do, but she behaved herself and we were able to have a very nice dinner out. She never fell asleep though and she did have another little meltdown for me before bed (crying and trying to bite herself). She's still a little sniffley (and so am I)...she's just not feeling quite herself. Hopefully she'll pull out of this soon and get back to her happy easy going self!

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Clarissa said...

praying always for sweet Reagan!