Friday, November 18, 2011

Still good but a little off

Sleep last night wasn't as good as I would have hoped for...Reagan woke us up at 3am "talking". We let her be for a while, but she just wasn't going back to sleep! Mike got up and laid down next to her and was able to get her back to sleep fairly quickly. Then around 6am we heard her talking again. She's basically been up since 6! She's been good today although I've noticed a few quirky little things. Her nose and hands have been a little cold and clammy and her body has been a little sweaty. This morning she was acting sensitive with her eyes but not as much this afternoon. She also had a throw up and has been acting gaggy. Lots more moving today...she's been hard to hold onto. She's been sweet though...with the occasional laugh and lots of vocalization. She had speech this morning and her therapist went over a recent evaluation she performed. When this therapist first started working with her (I think back in May), Reagan was at about a 5month old she's at 1yr 1month! That's quite a bit of progress! Now, this isn't really an evaluation of things she's actually's focused more on following directions and commands. Of course, all of this is subjective, but I'm just happy that someone is seeing improvement! This afternoon she had OT. She did a great job for OT as well. Even though there were a few things off with her today, I'm glad that overall she was still her happy, smiley self. Hopefully this will continue. Tomorrow Mike and I are playing in a tennis tournament and my dad and stepmother are driving in to watch Reagan for us! She better behave herself tomorrow...and sleep tonight! I'm exhausted!

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Jamie said...

oh sweet girl :) I have not checked in in awhile Miss Reagan I love love your new wheels! Hope all is well. Hugs from CT. (now that we have power! lol)