Thursday, November 17, 2011

So happy

Reagan has been such a good girl again today. She went to bed a little late and then woke up up early at 6:30am this morning..."talking"! She's so funny! She has been such a talkative girl lately...maybe it's the EPI-743? Who knows. I just love to see her happy. She was looking a little sleepy right around 9am...she took a little 10 minute catnap and has been awake and going ever since! She had "school" and PT this afternoon and then she spent an hour or so in her stander. We had a hard time fitting her in her stander today. She must have grown another two inches or so, everything was way off (with no more room to grow)! I'm afraid it may be time to get another stander! Reagan was perfect though and didn't seem to mind. She's just been so smiley, so alert, and so's great to see her so happy. Now...what can we do to get her to be like this all of the time? Please keep this in your prayers!


Clarissa said...

yay! so glad for good days! Praying always!

Heather said...

What a great day!! Your girl is amazing!!