Thursday, November 24, 2011

A good, slightly sleepy Thanksgiving

Reagan had a good day today...and for that we are very thankful!! She slept the whole night through and continued sleeping til right around 10:15am. She woke up smiling and other than one little pouty lip that gave us a scare, she's been great all day. Shortly after she woke up things got really busy and LOUD around our house. We were a little worried that all the over-stimulation would upset her, but other than some increased chorea, she was good. She was wide awake all day (and even had a few licks of sweet potato pie) but then shortly after everyone left...right around 4pm...she started looking a little sleepy (of course...we all were). She got very still and kept dozing off here and there. By 5pm, she was out cold. I put her in her chair, thinking it would be nothing more than a nap, but she kept sleeping! She'd move around and stretch, but she never opened her eyes. Finally around 8:30pm, we put her in bed. Hopefully she'll sleep through the night! She's definitely sleeping a little more than usual the last couple days, but I guess her poor body has to catch up after all of those bad days!

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