Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finally sleep

Reagan finally slept last night!! Sure it was in her brown chair (in the living room) but at least she slept!!! We attempted to put her in her bed, but that didn't work out. After that, we were happy to just get her back to sleep! She actually slept all the way through til 10:30am...when I tried to pick her up and put her in bed. She woke in better spirits, so that was a relief. She's been pretty good and mild mannered all day. She was a little nauseous, making the occasional gaggy face, but overall she's been good. This afternoon she did fuss a little and look like she might cry, but she had a dirty diaper a few minutes later so maybe her tummy was just hurting her. I'm hoping we're in for another good night's sleep tonight and a happy day tomorrow for Thanksgiving. We have some of Mike's family coming over so I sure hope she behaves herself!! Thank you for your prayers!!!

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