Monday, November 7, 2011


Reagan slept again last night and woke all smiles again this morning. She was awake for a couple hours, then took a little cat nap, and woke just as happy as can be. This afternoon she had a dentist appt. She hasn't been since February. The dentist pried her mouth open, glanced around with his mirror, used his pick to push on a tooth or two, and determined that her teeth look fine. She has a coating of tartar that is common with kids with don't eat by mouth, but he said it's not that bad right now (at some point she'll have to be put under so they can clean them) and he didn't see any cavities. Good news. She's still quite congested, so I don't think she was a fan of him sticking his hands in her mouth (when she needs to breathe through her mouth). She was a good girl though and we were in and out pretty quickly. If it's possible, she has been even more energetic today than yesterday! And still spunky. She had speech this morning and then again this afternoon (private and through the school system)...although I think she really waited to turn up the personality til tonight. Squealing with excitement and moving, moving, moving. I don't think I'd call it chorea per se but she has been very active. Tonight I was tickling her (on her tummy) and she was cracking up each time I did it. Too cute. She's still going strong right now and it's after 10:30pm...not sure when she's going to start slowing down. Hopefully she calms down a little and is able to get some sleep tonight!

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