Friday, November 4, 2011

Ear infection = miserable girl

Reagan has had another horrible day today. She was up nearly the entire night (and so was I), which probably didn't help her mood today. She was very fussy/moany all night and then this morning (and then again tonight) she was crying A LOT (and threw up). We did take her back in to the pediatrician and just as I had feared, her right ear that just had fluid in it on Monday has developed into a full blown ear infection. The other ear, which was clear on Monday, now has fluid in it as well. So we started her on a new antibiotic (Suprax) and hopefully that will help her to feel better in the next day or so. After our visit with the pediatrician, we had to take a very unhappy Reagan into the med center to have her first blood draw for the EPI-743 protocol. They had to check her venous blood gases (VBG), so we couldn't have it done at just any clinic, we had to actually take her to the hospital outpatient lab. Thankfully we had two women that knew what they were doing and they were able to get both the blood and the VBG in one stick (originally they thought they'd have to stick her twice). Despite her previously fussy attitude, she actually did great for the blood draw and was a good girl the rest of the afternoon. She did have two stinky, explosive diapers again today (very unlike her) I still wonder how much her tummy is playing into her mood as well. Right around the time the nurse left, she started up crying and didn't stop for an hour and a half. She's just so miserable...and I'm sure exhausted...but she hasn't really slept at all today. Hopefully she'll get some sleep tonight, Lord knows we both need it!!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

So sorry sweet Reagan. Hoping the antibiotic's kick in soon and that you are feeling better before long. You,mommy, baby brother to be,and daddy,need your rest1

Jamie - AZ said...

Feel better sweetie!! Saying lots of prayers for the princess. Hope you all get some sleep tonight and tomorrow wake up to smiles. Hugs!!