Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beyond nauseous

Reagan was back to no sleeping last night. She laid in her bed and kicked around pretty much the entire night. Mike attempted to get up and lay down with her at one point, but even that didn't seem to help. She was wide awake. Most of the day actually went fairly well. Her OT came this morning and said she performed like a rock star. I don't think she did as well for speech this afternoon, but she was hanging in there. She had a lot of chorea, super cold hands and feet, was a little zoned out, but not fussy at all or nauseous. That is, not until this afternoon. Right around 4pm the nausea hit her and it hit her hard. She spent the remainder of the day gagging, retching, and throwing up almost nonstop. It was extremely painful to watch. I drained quite a bit of fluid out of her stomach but somehow she still had lots of volume coming back up! It just doesn't make sense. Where is it all coming from?? I don't really have a choice but to switch her over to pedialyte tonight. I honestly can't remember the last time she was this nauseous (she bit her cheek again and was spitting out blood). This is basically back to where we before starting nortriptyline. I hate it. It makes me physically sick to watch. If she could just fall asleep, maybe she could sleep it off. But I've already given her clonidine and it did nothing whatsoever. I also tried a dose of diazepam it seems like it just made her more zoned out. She keeps closing her eyes only to tense up and awaken a few seconds later gagging. She also keeps arching almost out of her chair she's so miserable with this nausea. Horrible, just horrible. I have a feeling I'm going to be pulling an all nighter with her. Please say some extra prayers for her tonight. She certainly needs them!


Jamie - AZ said...

prayers for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hoping she will come around. Just turned the Dec. calendar picture of her and she was so happy last Xmas. Hope that comes again.

Laurie said...

Praying for your sweet girl!