Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another good one

Not a lot to report here. We had another wonderful day with our happy girl. She slept well again last night and woke smiling around 8:15am. She's been super precious again today. Super happy to just roll around on the floor or gnaw on my shoulder. Her new thing is pulling her shirt into her mouth and then chewing on her shirt. She's actually gotten very good at it. She's been very smiley and vocal again today. I definitely think that's one area where we are seeing improvement with the new medication (EPI-743). Shortly after starting her on it, we noticed an increase in her vocalizations. It used to be very sporadic...maybe once every several good days. Now it seems like she vocalizes some (and most of the time...lots) on nearly every good day she has! It's beyond adorable and I can only imagine how awesome it would be if it actually progressed into real communication at some point. If she could actually tell us what was bothering her on her bad days...that would be huge! Right now we're just loving these good days with our girl. Her bad days are so bad...but her good days are so good! Right now it's 11:50pm and she's laying in her bed making noises. She fell asleep for a little while in the living room but then all of a sudden got a second burst of energy and now I'm not too sure when she plans on going to sleep! She's been awake all day, so you'd think she's got to get sleepy at some point, right?!?!

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Jamie - AZ said...

So happy to hear Reagan is doing better! And to hear about all the vocalizations is wonderful!! Praying as always for the princess and also for the baby. Hope you get rest and have another great day with Reagan. :)