Saturday, October 8, 2011

To laugh or to cry...that is the question

Reagan seemed to sleep well last night. She woke up this morning super cute and giggly. She was laughing a lot but she also seemed a little groggy (maybe she didn't sleep as well as we thought). She was only up a couple hours before she fell back to sleep. She took a nice long nap, waking up about 10min after I decided to lay back down (I swear she can sense it when I try to take a nap)! Ever since waking up fussing, she's been in a weird sort of mood, mostly happy but a little weird. She's been laughing off an on all day today, but every now and then she'll do a little laugh/cry. It starts off with a happy sort of laugh but ends in a fussy sort of whine. I'm not sure what that's about. Maybe she's having some gas pains because we've heard quite a few toots out of her...who knows? I started the propranolol today. The new cardiologist prescribed 5mls 2x a day but I started with just 1ml (the max dose she was on previously was 2mls). I was a little leery to give her 5mls of a medicine that lowers her heart rate, when the highest dose she's ever had was so much lower. We just never know how she's going to respond to a medication. Sometimes she over responds to low doses and sometimes she under responds to high doses! Her body metabolizes medicines differently...I just didn't want to take any chances. What's weird is that Reagan's heart rate this morning (before the nap) was much lower even while she was awake (105), compared to what it was during and after her nap (115 asleep, 130 awake)...and this was after the dose of propranolol. I guess I'll try 2mls tomorrow. Her feet were a little cold today too. Not sure what that was about. The high heart rate, cold feet, laugh/crys...are all signs of impending bad days. But she should be having good days right now...not bad days. Hopefully these things were just flukes and tomorrow she'll be feeling 100%. I want a nice string of good days for my girl!

Love this pic of her in the Bahamas...floating along the infinity edge (I'm going to try to put together a slide show from the Bahamas, so you can see all of the my spare time!)


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

That picture? Amazing. What bliss! Emily has the same neck ring for swimming and she loves it. And Emily is also on Propranalol now for dysautonomia. Our girls are too darn similar!

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

This is the best picture ever ... the sunglasses are killing me!

Praying for a a nice long string of good days.

And,we haven't talked about it the last few time on the phone, but you probably have guesses that I just couldn't swing coming up to Stanford. The boys and their activities were too complicated for Caitlin to handle with Charlotte too and Mark couldn't get any days off. I am bummed, but I was thinking ... maybe Zoey and I could fly to you before the baby comes ... maybe for a baby shower perhaps?? I think we should plan that, what do you think? That way we could stay longer and plan the home front here in advance.I WILL make that happen. Promise.