Monday, October 10, 2011

Super precious

Reagan has been a total doll again super precious! I woke up around 6am and saw her moving around in her bed. I thought she was awake, but apparently she was just moving around in her sleep. She was very restless, but her eyes were still closed! I don't know if she did this all night or what. She slept in til 9am and woke super sweet and smiley. She had speech at 11 and then fell asleep right after. She took a nice little nap (maybe she was still tired) and woke right before we had to leave to go get her tube replaced. She woke just as sweet and smiley as can be. She was really hamming it up for the people in IR. The girl that took her back couldn't get enough of her smiles. Reagan was only gone for maybe 10-15min and then they brought her right back. Piece of cake (knock on wood)...they've never had a problem placing her GJ tube. I've heard nightmares about other kids getting them, but for Reagan it's never been a problem. No sedation, super quick...we've been lucky, I know. When we came home we took Reagan out for a ride on her tricycle. We went to a couple of our neighbors' houses to show them her new bike. Her head control was great and she really seemed to enjoy herself...smiling the whole time! She rode around for 30 min or so, definitely the longest amount of time she's ever been on it (although some of that time she wasn't actually moving). She did end up with a couple mosquito bites and that was even with her Off clip-on attached to her bike (although it probably would have been 15 bites without it)! She had fun, got outside, got some exercise, socialized...good times!

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the Grandma said...

My little biker babee!!! She is such a social butterfly! Grandma is so happy to hear that she is getting out and about!! P.S......if you lived here in the Dallas area, you would not have to deal with mosquitos......just sayin!!!! :)

Love you.....