Friday, October 7, 2011

The smiles and laughs are back!

Reagan has been a precious girl today. She slept all night last night and woke around 7:30am. She was still pretty serious when she first woke up, but she started up with the laughing after a little while and has been laughing (and smiling) all day today! She was still a little spitty/gurgly when she had OT this morning and had a hard time managing her spit after licking on the lollipop...but she recovered and had a good session. Her vision therapist came back today (after what happened yesterday) and Reagan had another good session with her as well! She was such a sweet girl today. I love to see her feeling better again. Tonight after Mike got home, we took her out on her tricycle. She was smiling the whole time! Of course, the mosquitoes were out in full force, so we couldn't stay out too long. She fell asleep tonight around 9:15pm...which is pretty early for her. She sounded a little gurgly again, so hopefully she's alright tonight.

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