Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rotten but getting better

Reagan was rotten last night. We even resorted to trying diazepam to see if it would calm her down (a 2mg pill her doctor prescribed for her bad days...not the rectal form you use for seizures). Needless to say, it didn't do a thing. There were maybe 2-3 min that she calmed down and was quiet and then she was back to crying again. She did get more sleep last night. She dozed off for a bit with Mike, but that only lasted maybe an hour or so. Then I got up with her from 2-4. She fell asleep around 3:15 in my arms but I was afraid to move so I waited to lay her in her chair til 4. Of course, then she slept in til 9:40 (I had to get up at 7 to get all of her medicines done before I left for my tennis tournament). She woke just as nasty as she was last night and she gave her Daddy a hard time in the morning. But she turned it around in the afternoon. She started laughing (a crazy laugh, but laughing none the less). Her hands and feet are like icicles and she's having crazy amounts of chorea (including super hyperactive bouts of running in place), but she's not biting at her hands any more so we could finally take off her arm restraints (now she just wants her hands in her mouth or hair at all times). Tonight she gave us another round of fussiness that lasted an hour or so, but that passed and now she's back to her the laughs. Hopefully she's turning a corner and headed out of this bad streak! Only a few more days til we leave for Stanford...we need a good girl by then! (By the partner and I won first place in the tennis tournament! Not bad for a pregnant woman!)

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