Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ophthalmology appt and more CA pics...

Reagan slept well again last night. She was still asleep when we put her in the car to head to her ophthalmology appt. She actually woke at 8am, when we took her out of the car and put her into her stroller. She woke just as smiley and bright eyed as can be! They dilated her eyes and then we waited for almost an hour and a half to see the doctor (I really thought they had forgotten us). The doctor looked in her eyes and checked her pressures and everything looks good. So good, that we don't have to come back for a year. I asked her about Reagan's vision. I remember reading something on another blog about a test they can do to tell what exactly a child is seeing. Our doctor, who is actually a neuro-ophthalmologist and an expert in CVI, said there are two different tests available both of which are completely useless to us. One is wrought with false positives and false negatives and nearly unusable and with the other the child has to focus on a specific spot (and it's actually fairly accurate). Problem are you going to get a child like Reagan to focus on a specific spot for any length of time?? You can't. Another thing she said, which makes perfect sense, is if the child has significant developmental delay...there's really no way for them to convey to us what they are seeing. Their vision could be WAY better than what we think but there's just no way to get an accurate response out of them to know one way or the other. So, unfortunately, there's really no way for us to know (at this time) how much or how little Reagan actually sees. The doctor did say (and has said before) that CVI often gets better over time, so it's possible we'll see her vision improve. For now we'll just take what we can get. She has been a precious girl today, that's for sure. She had vision therapy right after we got home from her appt (what's the chance of that). She was trying to fall asleep, but we forced her to wake up and she actually did a great job. Her vision therapist came with the OT from the school and they did a session together. Then Reagan's teacher came. She was fine for the first 45min but then she fell asleep! She took a little nap and then had PT this afternoon. She stood in her stander for over an hour (which is good since it's been a while) and then has been precious, even laughing for us tonight. Such a sweet girl.
(Any Rangers fans watch that game? Painful.)

More pics from our trip to San Francisco (the day Reagan had her brain scan)...

We drove over the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and by stopping on Treasure Island we somehow managed to avoid paying the toll (which is good because we didn't have any cash at the time)!

View of San Francisco from Treasure Island (on an overcast morning)

At Ghirardelli Square...yum!

Mike is watching crazy people swim out in this cold water! (behind the ship you can see Alcatraz)

We ate at this restaurant almost 11yrs ago on our honeymoon! We ate clam chowder and listened to live jazz music (and watched a guy out on the street jump out from behind things and scare people walking by)!

This is that same guy!! Still doing the same thing 11yrs later (he's hiding behind the branches)!!!


Cjengo said...

Makes total sense. I actually told Mike I was pretty skeptical it would work and we held off havign any tests done. I am glad we did! Thanks for posting. Also, BIG congrats on the baby :) !!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Hilarious, we saw the same guy scaring people!

toby magmire said...

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