Sunday, October 30, 2011

Off day

Reagan slept well last night. She'd make a noise or move around here and there but she never fully woke up. Today she's been happy, but "off". She sounds a little gunky. Her nose is a little runny (I don't even remember the last time she had a runny nose), her throat sounds a little gurgly (I think it's sinus drainage), and she's got a low grade temp. She's also been very high maintenance. One second she's fine and smiling...the next she's got a fat lip and she's about to cry! Lots of little fusses out of her throughout the day and a few meltdowns. I'm not sure if she just feels lousy or what. We may take a trip in to the pediatrician's office tomorrow (just in case). It's actually been a loooong time since she's had to go the pediatrician. Reagan has managed to stay well for quite a while now (thank God). Hopefully she's feeling alright for trick or treating tomorrow! Our house is all decorated and we've got our costumes ready. We're doing a Wizard of Oz theme. Reagan is Dorothy (she's had the costume since last year), my mom is Glinda the good witch, and I'm the wicked witch! I was supposed to be the good witch but I've been demoted since the costume won't fit over my belly. Oh well. In Reagan's eyes that's probably about right. Grandma is the good one. I'm the bad. I have also been feeling a little respiratory something or other in my chest and my allergies are a little worse than usual. Hopefully we both get better quickly. We don't have time to be sick! Please keep us in your prayers!! Also please keep this little boy, Max, in your prayers. His dad works with Mike...he's in really bad shape and they're taking him off life support Tuesday...he needs a miracle!

*For those of you that didn't see the blog yesterday...go back and watch the video of Reagan. It's too cute!*

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