Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lots of energy

Reagan slept fairly well last night. I heard her up talking a couple of times but she did go back to sleep. She actually slept in til 11am or so this morning. She woke up with smiles and has been in a good mood all day. Super vocal..."talking", squealing, and laughing nonstop! She's been a ball of energy! A little hyperactive really. Still having lots of chorea, kicking, moving so much she's hard to hold. Her heartrate is elevated too. Staying in the 130s-150s. I still think the propranolol did something to upset the calming effect of the clonidine. I haven't seen chorea like this since before starting her on daily clonidine. As of now, we're going to stay off the propranolol until we see if she can get back to the way she was before. That's one reason I hate making changes when things are going good. Please keep it in your prayers that we can get her stable again and in another stretch of good days!! On the pregnancy front...I'm 20weeks along and tomorrow I have my ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. Mike is (of course) hoping for a boy. I'm hoping for a girl (we have boxes and boxes of girl clothes). But more than anything we are both just hoping for happy & healthy!! Thank you for your continued prayers!

Reagan asleep in her own king size bed our first night in California...

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Jamie - AZ said...

Wow time goes by fast!! Hard to believe you are already 20 weeks. Prayers and prayers for the baby and also for Reagan to have more days like today full of energy. I hope you guys get good ultrasound pics! Can't wait to hear the baby news tomorrow. :)