Saturday, October 22, 2011

Houston, we're home!

Reagan didn't sleep much at all last night (and neither did we). I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the new medicine (which could potentially give her more energy) or not. She was very restless and a little moany. Mike laid down with her the first shift and then I took the second. She did finally fall asleep sometime around 6-6:30am. She woke a little fussy, lots of chorea, and very sweaty. Thankfully she cheered up and was a good girl for us! We packed up all of our stuff and left for the airport early. In Houston we waited through ridiculous lines to get through security and then had to walk all the way to the other side of the airport because our flight was in another terminal...needless to say we barely got to our flight on time. Today in San Jose things went much more smoothly. Of course, it always helps to be early, but there wasn't really any line at all to get through security. The only hold up was them scanning every single medicine out of Reagan's bag...individually. And this time instead of having to walk half way across the airport...our terminal was the very first terminal as we walked out of security! Reagan was as good as gold on the flight. She just sat in her chair pulling her hair and chewing on her fingers. (What milestone is that? She has that one mastered!) Toward the end of the flight she was getting a little vocal and we couldn't tell if she was getting agitated or just talkative. She held it together though and we all made it home safely around 7:30pm. Reagan started yawning and then fell asleep sometime around 10pm. Hopefully she stays asleep, because we all could use some rest tonight! (I promise to post pictures tomorrow and give everyone more detailed info about the new medication, EPI-743, she's taking.)

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