Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home EEG

Reagan has been a super good girl again today! Even though the pulse ox alarm woke her up this morning (she had it on because the night nurse was here), she was just as sweet and smiley as can be. She had OT this morning and then "school". Her teacher helped her make "hand art". She made a little picture with ghosts made from tracings of her hand. We already have quite a few hand art pictures this year!! This afternoon she was a perfect angel while the EEG technician put the leads on her head (for her in-home EEG). She actually was dozing off a little as he did it...I think the hum of the air compressor (he used to dry the glue) was making her sleepy. She never did fall asleep all the way though and once the leads were on, she's been quite the handful to keep away from the cords! Her head is wrapped up enough to prevent her from pulling the leads directly off, but the cord in the back is within her reach, so we've either had to keep a sock or an arm restraint on that left arm at all times. She's also been super squirmy. Very hard to hold and a little resistant to falling asleep tonight. Even asleep, she's very restless! Hopefully she sleeps. They need to get time with her awake and asleep while the EEG is on. Goodnight!

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Precious and smiley... even for those leads ... she is a good girl!!

Need to catch up via the phone again. The boys have half days all week, but I will try and call tomorrow morning.

Anxious to hear how the night went. Sending love as always.