Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good girl

Reagan has been a good girl all day today. Very smiley and happy from the get go. She slept all night (once we finally got her to bed) and then woke up this morning when we put her in the car to head to the hospital. The Echo/EKG didn't take long so we decided to head out to Half Moon Bay before our afternoon appt with Dr. Enns. We drove to the Ritz Carlton and then walked around the hotel and golf course (which, of course, is right on the water). The views were amazing and we did take quite a few pictures, but I didn't bring the cord to connect the camera to the computer, so you'll have to wait til we get home to see those pictures! I did take a few of Reagan in the car this morning with my cell...she was just so bright eyed and happy! After Half Moon Bay we drove back to Stanford and stopped off at the bookstore to buy a few t-shirts. We had just enough time to shop and go because we had to get over to our appt. At our appt, Dr. Enns wanted us to go over Reagan's history from the beginning and then he did a quick examination of Reagan. Afterward he went over some info about EPI-743 and then told us about the brain scan Reagan is going to have tomorrow. I'm not super excited about her being put under, but from what I understand is they use light sedation and try to avoid intubating (so that's always a good thing). The scan itself is something similar to a CT scan (which Reagan has never had) but different. It should be interesting to see the difference in her scan before and after taking this medication. Definitely keep all of this in your prayers (that they can place an iv easily, that she doesn't have any problems with anesthesia, and that she responds positively to this new medication)!! We're praying for good things!!

They gave us a mask to put on Reagan because they were doing construction in the building and stirring up a lot of dust. She kept pulling it off her face!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

I think she is happy to be in California, but if she starts crying tomorrow, I think it will be because she isn't going to see us :(

Prayers for tomorrow. Call if you can ... if you dare to. you know me.. Queen of not being available!

Kiss the girl.

Jamie said...

hee hee Just love her little car trip pics..he loves it! Good Luck with her tests! I remember getting madie sedated for her PET scan it was scary! But also kinda silly when she came out of it..all Lots of good thoughts sent your way!