Sunday, October 9, 2011


Reagan has been a darling girl again today. I had major issues with her pump alarming over and over again last night. I went through 4 bags (one which had a hole in it and leaked all over the pump), tried both pumps, and eventually I finally got it running with the 4th bag I tried (around 1:30am)! Reagan did finally wake up this last go round but I think she fell back to sleep fairly quickly because I never heard a peep out of her (of course I was exhausted by this point). We all slept in til right around 9am this morning. Reagan woke smiling and has been super precious all day today. No laughing, but lots of smiles. I'm hoping she'll hold on and have some good days this week because we have some busy days ahead. Tomorrow she's getting her leaky gj-tube replaced (we do not have to do this under sedation...some hospitals insist that they use sedation, thankfully not ours). Then Tuesday they are coming out to put the electrodes on for the 48hr home EEG. I'm thankful that we don't have to do this in the hospital this time around, but I know 48hrs with her hooked up (even at home), isn't going to be fun either. She's been a doll today though, so hopefully she'll keep it up!

Sorry...these were taken in low light with my cell phone!


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Smiles ... we'll take those. And a darling girl, we'll take those any day or everyday, would even be better.

Been a surreal day here. I will call tomorrow to catch up. Praying for another smiley day for the sweet one.

Clarissa said...

she is precious!
the first time they placed Abigail's g/j-tube, they did not sedate her... and it went very badly. they had a very hard time placing it and it took 2 hours... with Abigail getting more and upset, screaming, wiggling everywhere, vomiting, and her dad having to hold her down... only to have the tube come back up after 3 days! it was horrible. so now they want to sedate her, because they think it will always be difficult to place. i wish it didn't require sedation for her!
do you feel like the g/j-tube helps with Reagan's vomiting? of course, the vomiting is the whole reason why we are trying the g/j-tube with Abigail. after the nissen was a failure. :( I don't remember, does Reagan have a nissen too?
i'm so glad she is having a good day! praying the good days continue!